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No Listing Fees

We want to make it easy for you to get started on HuntCrafted so we are providing free stores, product listings and image hosting to get you started. No strings attached. We only get paid when an item has been sold and charge a 10% flat commission fee. You can leave at anytime but we hope you don’t!

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Instant Payouts

When you sell something on the HuntCrafted site you get paid instantly. No delays or having to make a request to get YOUR money. HuntCrafted is integrated with PayPal Adaptive Payments so we pass the full amount of the sale to you minus the HuntCrafted 10% flat commission fee and the credit card transaction fee (2.9%). 

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We Support Outdoorsmen

HuntCrafted was created for outdoorsmen by outdoorsmen. We fully support the men & women that enjoy the great outdoors through hunting & fishing and will always be dedicated to continuing your outdoors heritage as part of our mission. We always welcome your feedback and hope to earn your trust.


Free store setup & product listing.

Sell existing inventory or take deposits on custom items.

No long term commitment.

10% flat commission fee. (+2.9% PayPal processing fee)

Instant payouts via PayPal.

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