Handmade Single Reed Timber Duck Call

About This Call

This is a custom build from Jay Whitfield of Delta Fowl. This call will make a unique addition to any lanyard. It features hand stippling with beautiful wood grain. This call is an excellent timber call. It is a single reed timber. The tone-board is signed and designated as a custom build.

About Delta Fowl

image15-e1473772953715-420x376 Handmade Single Reed Timber Duck Call

Jay Whitfield at Delta Fowl, Inc. was one of the first call makers to jump right in to HuntCrafted and we are proud to have him and his great work as part of our marketplace.  “I have been addicted to waterfowling since I was a child. At age 6 my grandfather was taking me duck hunting along with my cousins. He loved us “grandboys” he called us as all three of his grandchildren were young boys at the time. He taught me  almost everything that I know about hunting, especially duck hunting. At age 8 I killed my first birds (yes birds I had no first duck I shot a double). He and I went duck hunting by ourselves one cold December morning. Two woodies came in and I was able to harvest the pair. From that point on I was hooked.”

You can learn more about Delta Fowl by reading the craftsman profile on the HuntCrafted blog.