CM1S – Kingwood & Blackwood Single Reed Duck Call

About This Call

This is a custom made stabilized kingwood and African blackwood duck call.   The tuning board has been engraved with the City Swamp font.  This is the perfect call to get them to the spread.

About City Swamp

City Swamp is based in Locust Grove, Georgia and run by Clint Martin. Our passion is to make custom products that people not only want to show off to their friends but also want to carry to the field every day. In addition to producing custom made products, one of our goals is to provide aspiring makers the knowledge to get started. When we started our journey and began researching call and knife building we were shocked at the lack of specific information. Therefore, we want to be the “one-stop shop” for beginners and experts to get a few of the specifics as they make their own path.

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