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Have you ever been looking at Instagram and stumbled across something that blows you away?  This is what I thought when I stumbled across Rob at Salt Spray Custom Calls and inlay work being added to his calls.  It was with a little phone coaching and kindness by Rob that I was able to successfully […]

If you are like most duck hunters, at some point you probably became very interested in duck calls and duck calling.  There is nothing more rewarding than calling in a group of ducks into your spread and watching them drop into your decoys based on the tune you are belting out on your duck call. […]

As the HuntCrafted community continues to grow we will be spotlighting shops selling unique items as well as new shops that have just signed up.   With hunting season winding down and banquet season starting to kick in we thought it would be a great time to showcase some of the amazing shops selling hunting related […]

Now that the freezer is full, it is time to start cooking some venison!  Our daughter even noticed and proclaimed, “Mom, we need to start eating some meat!”.  Despite being delicious, the reason I cook with venison so often is that it is so versatile – I could put it on the table every night […]

We are excited to be featured on this week as the first online marketplace for handcrafted outdoor gear.  They created a great overview video so give it a watch and feel free to share it!

After our appearance on the Good Day morning show on Fox 7 Austin, we have received lots of requests for the meatball recipe featured in the segment.  As many home cooks know, meat balls are personal.  Every cook has their own recipe.  Well, in our house, the recipe is ever changing.  Whether it’s meatballs or […]

Every year I get the same giddy feeling as we get closer and closer to duck season. Those of us crazy enough to get up at 2am and drive a few hours to that secret spot that you know is holding some quackers (or honkers!) understand how exciting that first bird dropping into the spread […]

HuntCrafted is profiling Clint Martin from City Swamp this month as our featured craftsman. Clint is out of Locust Grove, Georgia and has been making calls & knives for a few years now. He has a passion for waterfowl hunting and getting out into the deer woods and combined with his woodworking skill led him […]

Last season (2016-17) was our first real attempt at hunting the early blue wing teal season. We knocked down a few birds and Mack got in her first duck retrieves but it wasn’t quite dialed in. We weren’t quite in the right spot and watched most of the birds zoom right past our spread out […]

We are excited to be part of the upcoming Wild Hog Campout being hosted by Outrider on October 28th in Cherokee, Texas, about 1.5 hours outside of Austin. Full details can be found on the Outrider listing for the hunt and its only $50 to hunt. There are room for 4 hunters and anyone not […]