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Our passion at HuntCrafted is to discover unique, high quality, hand-made hunting gear created by craftsmen that each have their own story. We strive to find the best products created by talented master craftsman who are truly dedicated to their calling.

For so many of us our love of the outdoors began in a similar fashion; we were handed-down a treasured rifle or shotgun from our father, grandfather or friend that helped instill in us our love for chasing wild things in wild spaces. Our goal is to connect you to the craftsman who create products that will be handed down from generation to generation, bringing a smile to the faces of those who will answer the call to tell the story of your unique hunting heritage.

Thank you for letting all of us here at HuntCrafted be part of your story.

Our Mission – We Support Craftsmen

Our mission at HuntCrafted is simple. We support and showcase the craftsmen & women that make the amazing products in our marketplace. Each product has a story and real person with passion for the outdoors behind it and we aim to connect those stories with people wanting to buy high quality, handmade hunting gear. Most of the craftsmen selling on HuntCrafted have families, full-time jobs and do it for the love of hunting & the outdoors. We have duck calls made by firemen and active duty military members, custom back supports made by a physical therapy assistant and goose calls from world championship goose caller Joe Briscoe. HuntCrafted is the dedicated marketplace for handcrafted hunting gear and we stand behind the people and the products showcased on our site.

Meet The HuntCrafted Team

miles-keegan-420x370 About HuntCrafted

Miles Sims

Co-Founder & CEO

Miles is an avid waterfowl & whitetail hunter based out of Spicewood, TX. He loves sharing the outdoors with his kids camping, hunting, & cooking up just about everything they can catch or kill. His calling skills are legendary as far as his kids know and he’s been known to wear 3-4 different camo patterns at the same time. A true rebel. Miles hails from Georgia, knows a thing or two about mud and has called Texas home for the past 25 years.


david-boys About HuntCrafted

David Glenn

Co-Founder & COO

Having grown up Lampasas, TX, David is a true Texas country boy…and has the mullet photos from the 80’s to prove it. When not in his garage building custom 1911’s, restoring WWII era rifles, and working on his kid’s cars, David can be found stalking hogs late into the night, zeroing in the scope on his AR-10, or reviewing his survival plan in case of a global economic collapse. Seriously, David loves spending time with his family & kids, enjoys hunting with his sons, and is actively involved in his church. Professionally, David has spent the past 20 years as technology executive in various consulting companies and start-up businesses.


20161217_074049-225x300 About HuntCrafted

Clint Martin

General Manager of Craftsmen Services

As a kid, Clint spent the majority of his time either in one of his grandfather’s Georgia hay fields, hunting whitetail with his dad, riding through the thick Georgia mud on his old four-wheeler, or digging through his grandfather’s cabinet shop scrap bin. It was the time spent outside and creating something with his hands that gave him the biggest sense of accomplishment. Over the past five years, Clint has been avidly involved in the sports of waterfowl and bow hunting and loves the feeling of calling them in with his handmade custom calls. He spends most of his time with his growing family, staying active at his church, hunting, fishing, or in his Locust Grove, Georgia workshop. Professionally, Clint has worked the last 15 years in various civil / land engineering, GIS, and technology positions. Clint is also a veteran of the United States Navy. Go Navy!


mack-1-420x485 About HuntCrafted


HuntCrafted Mascot & Chief Shoe Eater

Mack is a crazy 2 year old chocolate lab that keeps us all on our toes. She’s never met a pair of shoes she doesn’t love (to eat) and has been know to retrieve bats, entire trees and small rodents all in the name of fun. She’s a close talker with tons of attitude and even more love to give. She’s never met a stranger but has been known to rumble with a few bossy deer around these parts that don’t take kindly to a young pup trying to nip their heels.